3 sample ideas decor Vietnam terracotta pots

3 sample ideas decor Vietnam terracotta pots

This time of year as I begin to see the garden sections and nurseries starting to fill with new merchandise for the spring. Even though it’s still a bit early, some refreshing diy projects this time of year never hurt the anticipation of sunshine and warmer weather.
I can never have enough flowers once the spring weather allows and I can never have enough pots to go along with them. TerraCotta flower pots are fairly inexpensive, compared to the faux plastic pots, and even though they are simple and plain there are plenty of ways to spice them up. Now, takes a look at some planter project makeover’s sure to have you rethinking the average clay ceramics pots.

Put the wow in mini container gardens by terracotta pots with ordinary sisal rope. Apply evenly spaced vertical stripes of construction adhesive around a pot that has been sealed . Starting at the base, wrap 6mm-thick rope around the pot, pressing it firmly into the glue as you work your way up. At the top, cut the rope and clamp the end with a clip to avoid fraying. For variation, attach two rows of rope around the base, then form evenly spaced waves around pot. Finish the top third of the pot with closely wrapped coils of rope.

Vietnam terracotta pots

Vietnam terracotta pots

Paint your Vietnam terracotta pots in red and white dots and stripes. Use a 50mm foam brush to cover a terracotta pot with two coats of red exterior paint. Take paint over the rim and down about 50mm on the inside. When the red paint is dry, dip the flat end of your brush handle into white paint and make dots, spaced about 6cm apart, all over the pot. For instant stripes on a pre-sealed and white-painted pot, mask off as many stripes as you wish.

Vietnam terracotta pots and planter

Vietnam terracotta pots and planter

Decorate small terracotta planter pots with pebbles in two colours for a mosaic-like design. Using a marker pen, draw a simple design on a pre-sealed terracotta pot. For curves, you can trace around a saucer or an up-ended cup. Working a section at a time, apply a construction adhesive, such as Selleys Liquid Nails Landscape, on the pot. Press pebbles into glue, allowing some of the pebbles to extend slightly beyond the marked line. Try not to be too uniform with their placement, except around the base and rim.

Vietnam terracotta small pots

Vietnam terracotta small pots

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