Vietnam Eco square large terracotta pot

The Eco square large terracotta pot is a lovely planter that will bring a charming addition to your garden setting. A small planter, along with the friendly little bird on the rim, is sure to become the perfect home for your succulents or other smaller plants and flowers. Enjoy the beauty and elegance this wonderful cast stone piece will add to your setting.



Terracotta pots are timeless they always seem to be in demand.  Good functional shape, popular for herbs or vegies. An Olive tree also looks good in the large size. Gives a very mediterranean look. This is a modern terracotta pot that will give your home a design edge indoors or in your back garden.It also is designed with  drip holes and a drip catch to keep your indoor plants tidy.


Size          41cm Tall x 46cm Wide

32cm Tall x 38cm Wide

26cm Tall x 28cm Wide

Material    Terracotta

Shape        Square

Brand        Hoang pottery

Usage        Indoor , Outdoor


Hoang Pottery Company is a reliable destination for your pottery supply, as a one of the leading exporting and manufacturing establishments of gorgeous ornamental earthenware for Home and Garden in Vietnam, we now are able to serve our dear customers in the US, in Europe and in the most far-flung territories in the rest of the world with the greatest honor.

A very extensive range of high-fired pottery products that are sustainable to any weather condition and other assorted ceramic menufacturer, terra-cotta, terrazzo, fiberglass, sorts of stone, concrete artifacts.

For the past years we have put a lot of efforts to our our design capability to meet the demands of the most stringent boutique retailers, and have expanded our manufacturing capacity to fulfill the orders of many large international retailers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Vietnam terracotta pot supplier

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