The Coconut flower terracotta pot is a great addition to your garden planter collection, featuring beautiful acanthus leaves sculpted perfectly into the planter! Perfect for growing an herb garden, or creating a wonderful floral arrangement.



The terracotta is a great all-arounder.  It works great as a vessel for airplants, as a planter for succulents or as an base for an Ikebana-style arragnement.  This beautifully designed peice will do it all. This Pots are terracotta pots with a bit of a white washed look. Terracotta pots are timeless they always seem to be in demand.  The very large Coconut Flower Tuscan Pot is the largest terracotta pot we stock.


Size                 69cm Tall x 70cm Wide

51cm Tall x 54cm Wide

34cm Tall x 33cm Wide

Material         Terracotta

Shape              Round

Brand              Hoang pottery

Usage              Indoor , Outdoor

Hoang Pottery Company is a Vietnam pottery manufacturer & supplier of Home and Garden product such as: ceramic pots, pottery planters, ceramic vases, ceramic animal, ceramic statues, pottery water fountain, pottery Urns, ceramic pottery car , glazed terracotta, red terracotta, black terracotta, zinc, light cement, light terrazzo,…… All is handmade & being fired in the dragon kilns at the height temperature. The material to making the pottery products is local clay.

Our diverse selection includes our own pottery designs with highly styled unique containers to basic good sense garden pots.  You will also find birdbaths, garden spheres, pot feet, garden stools, herb planters, and strawberry jars. We currently export our products to many countries from Europe and North America to Australia. We meet all demands of worldwide customers for packaging and providing qualified products.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to discussing our collection with you.

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