A wonderful way to show off your favorite garden blooms, the Large terracotta vase is characterized by a smooth clean texture, and a unique medallion accent placed on the planter. This delightful planter will make a wonderful addition to your garden setting, as well as a lovely home for you favorite plants and flowers!

Vietnam terracotta vase

Vietnam terracotta vase

Add a lovely accent to your front porch, veranda or window ledge with these terracotta flower pots. When it comes to timeless gardening, clay pots for plants never go out of style. Here,terracotta flower pots are sold in sets of 2, 3 and 4 with an accompanying wire basket or wooden crate carrier.

Vietnam large terracotta vase

Vietnam large terracotta vase

Dress up a patio table or use clay pots for plants and herbs used in cooking. In a wood crate, terracotta vase flower pots look rustic and fresh – an appealing combination for indoor or outdoor decor. Each individual pot is kiln fired at high temperatures to achieve a hardened and durable exterior. This means that clay pots for plants are not only pretty, but also resilient for lasting enjoyment.

Hoang Pottery is a manufacturer and exporter for Planters & Decorative accessories for indoor and outdoor use in diverse materials: Our complete range includes more than 1,000 shapes and various colors.
Our factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City with Biggest dragon kiln of Vietnam and the land around 40000 m2.
We have customers from all over the world, particularly from USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. We know the taste of each market.
Originally, we have produced with the traditional Vietnamese techniques but always introducing innovative designs and glazes quality, and willing to develop signature collections.
With longtime experience, we can offer you the fastest communication. With good facility of warehousing, logistic and high service level, we are confident to meet all demands of our customers. Our commitment is to supply superior quality even extend to the packaging and transport process; and our job is only completed when you are happy with final products.

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