Perfect for smaller patios or gardens, the Terracotta thinking woman is a wonderful accent piece that will complement any outdoor decor. This petite, cast stone planter is large on style, and will make a striking centerpiece.



An item of interest for the Deck or as a focal point in the Garden.The terracotta Planter has a built in sub-irrigation water system that generates a self watering effect, and promotes robust plant growth. These terracotta pot would be ideal on each side of the front door, on a deck where some height and interest are needed, or as a decorative accent in a room where some living plants are needed. These terracotta thinking woman are manufactured from premium high grade polyethylene, and were designed to be very low maintenance. The terracotta Planters do feature an integrated sub-irrigation water system, and a removable tray insert that allows different soil levels within the planter.
Size                 42 tall

Material        terracotta

Shape           Round

Brand            Hoang pottery

Usage            Indoor , Outdoor

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Were established in the famous land of Ho Chi Minh where Cu Chi tunnel located, We are Vietnam pottery manufacturer and wholesale with only best quality. Our products like planter and flower pots, urns, vases in glazed, terracotta, terrazzo.

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